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Our HR Policy

NCA Rouiba, a major player in the field of the production of beverages and fruit juices, is a human-sized company which unites its employees around high value ambitious projects. Our goals are:

The success and expertise of Rouiba are fundamentally based on its employees. This is why we continually strive to make their recognition through a fair compensation policy, internal and geographical mobility and personal and individualized professional development plan.

Because we are a company opened to the outside world, we make solidarity a priority in our HR policy through support to the most vulnerable employees, as well as by favoring social dialogue.

Through a continuous training policy for our employees, we integrate them into their curriculum in order to acquire skills for a better performance in their functions and lead to a continuous process of evolution. The functional or geographical mobility of employees is one of the fundamental developments of our company. For this, we offer all our employees an internal mobility program relating to common principles.

From the recruitment of our staff, an integration plan is implemented to allow a comprehensive knowledge of the business with training DNA NCA Rouiba, and individualized personal sponsorship.

We are always working hard in order to bring together the best working conditions, as an example, we have our welfare observatory.

In addition, we have implemented a policy of protecting employees against occupational hazards; Healthy employees and performance has been increased. We set ourselves the ambition to make health prevention and safety commitment which has become in 2015 the creation of a fully equipped medical office, medical specialists, training for all employees and screenings campaigns.

Finally, health and safety prevention is more than a strategy for us; it is part of all our activities.