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NCA Rouiba, the story of an innovative company

Published on 23 August 2015  •  Views: 1,342


NCA Rouiba is a family-owned business founded in 1966. Algerian leader in fruit juices, NCA Rouiba opens its doors through a film which relates nearly 50 years of its history. The story of NCA Rouiba is about a company which has reinvented itself by keeping the same métier. i.e. fruit processing. In 2015, the company showed results in a continual growth which are not only the results of constant innovation but also the outcome of the efforts made by the company’s workforce, men and women. Both the company’s industrial capacity and its workforce composed of 530 collaborators, who team up in a large field of work, have contributed on the production of 104.8 million liters of juice in 2014.