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Rouiba is a market leader in the juice (Juice, Nectars, Still Drinks) in Algeria since 1966. Armed with a production capacity of 120 million liters / year, we see today that the export is a strategic priority as we aim at being the main actor in the Maghreb in the coming years.

The creation of the free trade area, geographic and cultural proximity, as well as the organoleptic similarities in terms of consumer preferences, makes the Maghreb market an important step in the process of regionalization of Rouiba brand. Some very encouraging signals were already collected from the Tunisian and Libyan market.

Furthermore, we base too much hope on the West African market in our international development approach. This is by distributing our products in the European market (France, Belgium, England), and North America (Canada) on the segment of ethnic products until we set up a model of distribution in the retail network.