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Former entrance to the factory


On a spring day 1966 ‘, a father his son decided to create a canning company, New Algerian Cannery (NCA), which carries a dream of a new nation through the deployment of its skills in fruit processing.

Thanks to NCA Rouiba, we still keep memory of some leading products such as the famous Harissa and tomato paste.

The same for Rouiba jams which has delighted the taste buds through apricot, orange, pear or strawberry.

Former fruit purée concentrators

The 80s’

In a dynamic expansion, the company started the activity of fruit drinks in 1984. It was launched under the brand Rouiba in reference not only to the city where it is located but also as symbol and acknowledgement of gratitude for the community surrounding the plant.


Rouiba made history by innovating and offering, for the first time in Algeria, pasteurized juices and packaged in aseptic carton packaging:
It is the conservation Flash pasteurization, derived from the Louis Pasteur, who invented pasteurization, which better preserves the taste of fruits and vitamin C they contain.

Machinery control room

The 2000’s

Deal achieved, an exceptional growth is noticed from a year to another. More products offered and wide range variety.

In 2009, 120 million packs capacity was reached.

PET Packaging unit


In 2005, the company went international and opened its capital to an investment fund to support its growth.

2010 à 2012

Launch of a new segment, PET (poly ethylene terephthalate) with all its potential for success and a new record of 200 million packs produced in 2012.


NCA Rouiba was listed in the stock exchange. Beyond its brand, it is the company with all its assets and the fruits of future growth that are available to Algerian wishing to participate.

2013 was also the year of the launch of the new range aseptic PET “Pulp”.

packaging unit


The year 2014 was sustained as the projects were numerous with the most intense challenges.

It was a successful year with an entire production of over 260 million units. Nevertheless, it is also the year when NCA Rouiba doubled its industrial operation area.


After a successful semester of 2015, the second semester has been announced very active, things which motivate to maximize our efforts towards innovation and competition in order to maintain our leading position in Algeria on the light of becoming a Maghreb Leader.


A company of a great familial value which has succeeded to transmit its ambition from a generation to another, while developing its know-how and its experience in the agribusiness sector.

Here is the story of 50 years conveyed by NCA Rouiba.