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Vision, Mission and Values

The mission assigned to NCA Rouiba lies on the consumer’s satisfaction by offering a good quality product while contributing on a durable wealth creation.
Founded in 1966, Rouiba is the oldest brand of fruit drinks in Algeria. We always put the consumer in the heart of our business things which has built out customer loyalty. Today, our men are part of the business as they contributed on the result of over 7 billion dinars turnover that we have reached. It is that way that we have succeeded to become the brand leader in the Maghreb while aiming at becoming an African leader. We have embodied the norms ISO 26000, ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.

Our commitments to Sustainable Development by 2030 are registered, and for this purpose we encourage the development of Human Capital, achieving environmental neutrality, and the promotion of responsible and sustainable consumption.

Our vision  


Being in the Top 10 African Mediterranean Leaders in the food sector and actively committed to sustainable development.

  • Active contribution to local development.
  • The use of clean technologies.
  • Training and development of our Human Resource.
  • A contribution to improving the business climate.
  • Comply with the highest standards.

Our mission  


Bring pleasure to the consumer with a high quality product, contributing to the creation of sustainable wealth.

  • Quality – Compliance – Security.
  • Fun – Fulfillment.
  • Sustainable Wealth Creation.

Our values  



Belonging Spirit

The NCA Rouiba-policy  


  • Maintaining and developing an ongoing relationship with all stakeholders by ensuring an effective and interactive communication.
  • Providing our customers & consumers products and services which meet their needs with legal and regulatory requirement established by the quality standards.
  • Practicing a rigorous and transparent management to ensure resource availability and return on investment.
  • Optimizing the use of natural resources by promoting clean and recycling technologies, and preventing pollution risks.
  • Covering all aspects of safety and health of employees in the workplace and prevent accidents & incidents in accordance with hygiene and safety standards.
  • Advocating participative management by developing individual responsibility and stimulating innovation and systematic improvement process.
  • Promoting social dialogue and fight against all forms of discrimination.